Announcing the launch of Security and Privacy Plus 1.0

Next  Vector Security is pleased to announce the launch of their open  source  server-based security software, Security and Privacy Plus.   A  system  designed to reduce malware infections, ransomware, and other security  threats by filtering out unnecessary and unwanted web elements  for  enterprise networks.

Security and Privacy Plus is a custom installation of the open source Privoxy, a non-caching proxy.

Next  Vector Security has created virtual appliances available for  download  which will enable entire enterprise networks to block ads and  other  threats from a single server.  The virtual appliances can be imported  into either Vmware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper V and the first two  servers  can be managed through a cloud console for free.  Next Vector  Security  provides access to community block lists with a live update  system.

Security  and Privacy Plus does not require firewall  upgrades or changes, DNS  server upgrades or changes, and can be dropped  into any network.  It  can be easily be chained to your existing proxy  via the “Upstream  Proxy” setting.  Try it today!

Security and Privacy Plus 1.0 [Steadfast]

  • Virtual appliances for easy import and installation

  • Custom installation of open source Privoxy 3.0.29

  • Virtual appliance running on FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p3

  • Menu drive configuration of FreeBSD host.

  • Two servers free for all accounts

  • Cloud link capability with community threatlists and live updates

  • MSP ready- Create client server groups and apply templates for easy management

  • Browser agnostic, network-based ad/script/tracker blocker with a cross-browser, per host toggle

  • Community forums

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